Patterned Sweater Chic Outfit Idea

Do you have that one sweater, which is super cute but also a bit old?

Do you find it difficult to wear your cute sweater and look stylish?

If so, don’t worry. I am here with another sustainable and actionable fashion idea.

I bought this patterned sweater in a vintage store. It was old to begin with, but I love the patterns on it a lot.

The fact that it is oversized makes it a super cute and comfy outfit.

Usually, when you wear anything patterned, it’s difficult to decide how to accessorize the outfit, but I have a tip that will help you: Match the colors.

You can wear black pants and carry a black purse.

Since this outfit has white-colored patterns, you can wear white earrings that would go well with the attire.

You can leave your hair down and maybe curl your hair if you got time. You can also tie a bun up and leave some fringes down around your ears for a timeless look💕.

I have attached some earrings that will work well with this kind of outfit.

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