Benefits of shopping small

I have been doing a lot of markets lately.

Now that we see the restrictions going down, people love to come out, see their friends and shop small from the local artists and makers.

I wanted to give you some benefits of shopping from the small businesses in local markets.

1) You get to meet the maker who makes your gifts.

When you shop from a maker/artist, you get to know them and their process to make their art. You get to know more about the product you are buying and the story behind it.

2) You help the local economy

When you shop small, you help the local businesses thrive and grow. When those businesses grow, they create job opportunities. They hire and support their employees.

3) You buy something made with love and passion.

Makers and artists make everything with their hearts. Everything is uniquely made for you. You can be sure that you will get high-quality products when you shop from small businesses.

So, if you know of a market in your town, visit it, support your local artist and help the economy.

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